October 23: letter to the editor of the Advertiser which has not been printed

As a council house tenant, I have been following information and comments concerning possible transfer of council homes to a housing association closely. As I have just received a very heavy envelope with yet more from the council (how much did all the mailing cost, let alone all the printing?)

I feel very strongly that there should now be an opportunity for opposing views to be heard. There have been occasional letters, but nothing that could offer tenants balanced information concerning the alternative view. It seems that tenants are in danger of being over-whelmed by the ‘for’ information without seeing any joined-up information for any other option.

An article, as opposed to letters, would be a step towards providing a balanced picture enabling tenants to understand both sides of the argument. I feel this article is essential before this transfer seems to be a ‘done deal’, and hope that such an article could appear in the Advertiser as soon as possible.

Ann Eavis, Highworth