A letter published in the Swindon Advertiser

If the propaganda put out by the Council and their “independent tenant adviser” shows that transfer is such an obviously good deal for tenants, why are they so determined to stop opponents of the great council house sell-off contacting those same tenants?

They have refused the Tenants Campaign access to the address list of tenanted residential properties, and despite promises have not given us the opportunity to place an article in Housing Matters – their so called impartial newsletter. Swindon tenants must be suffering from Pro sell off overload at the moment with two editions of Housing Matters, doorstepping and phone calls from Council staff, meetings in sheltered accommodation and yet to come the 80 page glossy offer document and the DVD. Not to mention ample pro council coverage in the Advertiser.

Why then are they so concerned that tenants might hear the other side of the story?

Vale of Glamorgan Council behaved in much the same way, but it didn’t stop tenants voting to keep their homes in public ownership. I urge Swindon tenants to vote NO in order to keep their homes as Council Houses.

Eileen George