Council Tenants need to understand, Swindon Borough Council aren’t proposing this transfer for the good of the tenants.

Instead – in my opinion, a lot of money is likely to be made, should the Housing Association win , they will inevitably sell on, and make a substantial profit.

I know we will be assured this wont happen, but I for one would prefer a ‘secured’ tenancy over an ‘assured’ one.

SBC isn’t perfect, and I know we have all been waiting in vain for improvements to our homes.

I for one would prefer to delay said improvements for a while longer, rather than get a new kitchen for example in a couple of years with the new Landlords, but have the prospect of exorbitant rents within 5 years (or sooner if the HA sells on).

Remember, all the proposed HA promises would be obsolete should they sell up anyway.

‘Better the devil you know’ in my opinion, at least SBC can’t change our tenancies drastically, due to our current contracts with them.

Sue, Middleaze