STCG Publications/Documents

An update for John Healey

This was a paper which John Healey asked us to produce, putting the case for cancelling Housing Revenue Account Debt


STCG’s submission to the Labour Party Housing Green Paper consultation

June 2018


Labour Party Housing Green Paper Part 2

April 2018


Labour Party Housing Green Paper Part 1

April 2018


STCG submission to Labour Party Social Housing Review

January 2018


Council housing should be Labour’s first priority

August 2017


The case for cancelling council housing debt

A 20 page printed pamphlet November 2016


There are no market solutions to the housing crisis

STCG submission to the Labour Party’s Lyons housing commission

February 20th 2014


One thought on “STCG Publications/Documents

  1. I was impressed by Polly Hebden-leeder green party candidate for north Swindon, she seems to have written this herself and not handed it to a researcher, its an honest thoughtfull respones avoiding clich’e. I particularly liked her answer to affordable Council homes : Affordable to whom ?
    Mark Dempsey, Labour candidate for north Swindon, no substance and a complete lack of detail.


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