A conversation between two tenants on an estate somewhere in Swindon

Have you had the Council come round your house yet?”

Yes, we had this nice young lad come round. He seemed to think we’d be all right (transferring to a Housing Association).”

Do you believe what he told you?”

Well, I’m not sure. Dunno what I’ll do.”

After the offer document arrives on the door mat.

Have you had that great big envelope and the DVD from the Council yet?”

Yes, my other half and me sat down and went through it the other day.”

What did you make of it?”

Well, the young lad didn’t tell us some things did he? My other half doesn’t believe what they’re saying. He thinks we should vote NO. My mate over the road said to me, “you know you’ll lose your ‘secure tenancy’”. She said we should vote NO. She said the same things you’ve been telling me. She said, “If it all goes tits up, we’re all f****d.”

So you’re voting NO then?”

Oh yea.”

As reported to STCG