Newsletters / Briefings

Housing News

January 2018

Universal Credit: end the punitive regime


Housing News

December 2017

Stop penalising Universal Credit claimants


Campaign Group News

February 2017

Including Stop the Raid on Housing Account Income


Tory government housing strategy: growing the market and shrinking social housing

January 2016

An update on Tory government housing strategy


The need for compensation for Council housing rent cut

November 12th 2015

A letter to Swindon Councillors on the need for writing off  housing ‘debt’


Campaign Group News

June 2014


Repeal the ‘Bedroom Tax’

April 2014

A leaflet for the April 5th day off action against the coalition government’s benefit reforms


Tackling Swindon’s Housing Crisis

March 2014

Swindon Tenants Campaign Group’s contribution to the discussion on Housing Strategy in Swindon. It puts forwards practical proposals for tackling the housing crisis.


Secure tenancies for existing and future tenants

June 28th 2013

A letter to Swindon Councillors calling for the maintenance of ‘secure tenancies’ for existing and future tenants


Swindon ‘Bedroom Tax’ Petition

Calling on Swindon Councillors to press the government for the repeal of the ‘bedroom tax’ and to commit to NOT evicting tenants thrown into difficulties by the cut in their housing benefit


Letter to Swindon Councillors re rent increase

February 15th 2013


Campaign Group News, October 2012

campaign group news1012

Government Housing policy: why we should oppose ‘fixed term’ tenancies and ‘affordable’ rents

Briefing, May 2012  tenancystrat

Housing Benefit Briefing

Briefing, April 2012  housingnews

After the ‘Swindon Housing Vote’ – tenants need to get organised

Newsletter, March 2012  stcgnews1

Why the ‘right to buy’ should be abandoned

Briefing, February 2012  rtbimpact

2 thoughts on “Newsletters / Briefings

  1. We to have a similar plight to sheila my husband abd i have lived in our 3bed council house for the last 16yrs and our two boys have now got children and homes of their own,i have always wirked as my hubbie has too but i was very ill 5yrs ago and laid off my 30yrs job as a carer and never had to claim housing my hubbie has always provided for our family, until my hubbie had be
    en laid off from .his lorry drivers job at the age of 67 so is now retired and i am classed as disabled,we are so worried as we thought this would be our for ever hone dont reakly under stand where we stand ir how it will affect us


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