You can find news about the impact on all Swindon Council services of the Covid-19 crisis here:

The information in relation to housing servces is currently:

Housing repairs
Reduced service operating, with focusing on priority calls. Non-urgent repairs are being logged, but appointment times cannot be confirmed until further notice. Work is also prioritised to the most vulnerable. Special arrangements are also in place for people who are self-isolating but who still need essential repairs.
You can request a housing repair online here: request a housing repair.

Other housing services
Service running as normal, but please avoid coming to Customer Services reception on Princes Street unless it’s absolutely necessary. Instead, call 01793 445503.

Tenants in supported housing schemes
For tenants in our supported housing schemes, some restrictions will be in place from Monday, 23 March 2020. There will be a Supported Housing Officer at each scheme for a couple of hours each day. A Supported Housing Officer will remain contactable by phone. All residents will be made aware of changes by notices posted in every scheme.

Service operating as normal


With face to face meetings discouraged there will be even more pressure on the phones than normal. It is essential that the council puts more people on the phones. In addition, given the probability that a large number of council tenants may well have been laid off, if not made redundant, they will find it difficult to pay the rent. They need to speak to a council officer asap to inform them of their financial difficulties. They will find it very difficult to get through on the phone. Facing financial penury they will be incredibly stressed. They need a separate phone number or else their stress will be increased.

Martin Wicks