The latest statistical release from the Department of Communities & Local Government for England shows that 12,304 homes were sold under ‘right to buy’, making 29,909 since the government introduced its increased discounts.  This doesn’t include sale of Housing Association homes, of which nearly 7,000 were sold in the first two years from April 2012.

Replacements of homes sold, either new build or acquisitions (i.e. buying already existing properties on the market, commonly ex-Council homes), were only only 3,337 (See Note below) since 2012 or around one in nine of those sold.

Between 2010 and 2014 the number of Council homes fell from 1,785,845 to 1,669,000, a decline of 116,845.

In Swindon in the last 3 years 164 Council homes have been sold under ‘right to buy’.


‘Starts on site’ include preparation of site but not necessarily a start on building the property