Swindon Tenant’s Campaign Group‘s ‘bedroom tax’ petition will be discussed at next Thursday’s (November 7th) Council meeting. It calls on the Council to press the government to repeal the ‘bedroom tax’ and to make a commitment that nobody thrown into financial difficulties by these regulations will be evicted. A colleague from Walsall who read about this on our website has informed us of the discussion which took place on Walsall Council on this issue.

In April, Walsall Council, including the Conservative Councillors, unanimously voted for a resolution calling on the government to scrap the ‘bedroom tax’. The Tories are the largest Party on the Council.

Subsequent to that, on July 8th a resolution was moved calling on all social landlords in the Borough to “give assurances that they will take no eviction action, against any of their tenants, solely as a result of arrears resulting from the imposition and impact of the ‘bedroom tax’.” All Councillors, Tory, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent voted in support of the resolution.

So what’s stopping the Conservative Councillors in Swindon?


Walsall Council has no housing stock since the Council homes were transferred to ‘Walsall Housing Group’.