Swindon Tenants Campaign Group has called a meeting for tenants to discuss campaigning against the ‘bedroom tax’. It is on Saturday March 16th at 2 p.m. The venue is the Queens Drive Methodist Church (entrance in Whitbourne Avenue). It’s on the 17 and 18 bus routes. There’s a car park available.

The meeting will discuss how tenants can support each other in the face of this cut in their already meagre living standard. Tenants can’t be left to face this situation on their own. We need to press the Council not to evict tenants who are in financial difficulties as a result of the cut in their HB, and the extra they will have to pay in Council Tax. We need to campaign nationally for the repeal of the ‘bedroom tax’.

Download a leaflet here march2013meeting

See a map of the venue here http://www.queensdrivemethodistchurch.org.uk/findus.htm