Here’s a cross section of the messages we have received following the ballot result.

These are all Swindon tenants.

Just to thank you for your hugely successful campaign on behalf of Swindon Council tenants, of which I am one.”


And well done you! Clearly council tenants are not silly. Thanks for all your hard work.”


Absolutelty brilliant news Martin and what a turnout. Let’s hope that this will be the end of it! and well done to you and your supporters.”

Eileen S

That’s brilliant – that’s the best news ever. That’ll wipe the smugness off their faces.”


No doubt SBC will use the outcome as an excuse to penalise tenants. There will certainly be a need for an independent tenants association, with teeth! Not another bunch of SBC worshippers and yes men (& women).”


Congratulations to Swindon Tenants Campaign Group. Your commonsense and realistic approach has won the day. The amount of money spent by the Council on printing, delivering, posting, knocking on doors, telephoning should be listed clearly on a balance sheet for all to see. Let us hope that lessons have been learnt.”


Thank you for letting me know about this I am absolutely over the moon. Also I will admit that I did honestly believe that the Council would rig the vote and I am happy to admit I was wrong.”


Great News and a relief however I do think that SBC will use this as an excuse to get out of doing lots of things saying “We Have No Money” because you voted NO – I can hear it now, but as we have said many times before, far better dealing with elected Councilors rather than a Private Company and its Board of Directors who’s loyalty would be to the Housing Association and not their tenants and cannot be voted out if they do not do their best for us . A GREAT RESULT – Well Done Martin and the team”


Great result. People were not taken in by the Council’s weasel words. Who, in their right minds would throw away a secure tenancy in favour of an “assured” tenancy just to (maybe) get a new bathroom/kitchen or whatever. I personally cannot wait for an open meeting for a new, independent Tenants’ Association, something that is long overdue. The money that was wasted on this vote could have been put to much better use e.g. replacing the useless, broken, inefficient double glazing in many of our houses. Although this vote was instigated by the Government’s hatred of Council house tenants, those at the top of the Housing Department should be brought to account for the underhand and devious tactics deployed to try and secure a yes to transfer vote. In other words, they should be sacked. Incidentally, the woman who came to my door said that people weren’t interested in the vote and seemed dismayed when she saw my poster in the window. Council tenants were not taken in by the Council’s underhand attempt at bribery and they were VERY interested in who their landlord would be.”


In my opinion, the reason the vote went in favour of staying with the Council, was due to the persistent contact by their staff. They kept emphasising how it was ‘in our interest’ as tenants to accept the sellout/changeover, yet not once did they come up with anything remotely convincing.

I do think they underestimated us tenants. I think they believed their hard sell, would be sufficient to swing the vote in their favour, and that we wouldn’t take the trouble to consider our options, and instead would just choose the Housing Association, as it was presented so attractively.

Common sense prevailed! I for one, am relieved at the result, and again would like to thank Martin and the others who helped draw attention to Swindon Council’s blatant biased campaigning.”


And these are messages from around the country.

Brilliant – just what we need.”

Eileen Short Chair of the national Defend Council Housing campaign

May I congratulate your group on rejecting this stock transfer. As a resident in carlisle, the greatest mistake that ever happened was the dubious transfer of our housing stock. Keep fighting to keep it out of housing association hands and keep your councillors accountable.”

David Coates ( Carlisle)

What a good start to the New Year! Brilliant – as you say, decisive, which will be a big help for you in the near future. Well done – congrats to all concerned. I bet you didn’t relax much over Xmas – now you can, for a bit!”

John Marais (Cambridge)

Congratulations for this. Just wish we could have done the same in South Manchester a couple of years ago.”

Evan Pritchard (Manchester