This is a letter relating to Plymouth Community Homes, the housing stock transferred from Plymouth Council to a new Housing Association. Thanks to Mike Matthews for digging this up.

I STILL have concerns over Plymouth Community Homes’ intentions to remove gas fires from our homes.

Their reason to me in a letter was ‘the risk of deaths from fumes’. I have been here 10 years with no problems; neither have I heard of any deaths reported from monoxide poisoning, so where is this coming from? They say it was in their literature when the take-over was advertised. Sorry; I didn’t see it. Then again, I didn’t see the information that the finance behind all this was Royal Bank of Scotland, which had to be bailed out with public money. Had this been printed as the backer I would not have supported the sell-off. As for electric fires: sorry, I don’t want them. I can’t see my way to pay for this sort of heating. It’s far too expensive. So, PCH, do us a favour and reconsider this action please. Forget profit and consider the tenants in these houses.

According to an engineer I was speaking to, you apparently don’t want the expense of servicing gas appliances. Now, to me, that makes more sense for your actions.