Council confirms decision to take ALMO in house

29 November 2011 | By Carl Brown Inside Housing

Islington councillors have rubber-stamped a decision to scrap its arm’s-length management organisation.

The council’s executive decided last Thursday to move management of its 29,500 homes in-house from 1 April and wind up ALMO Homes for Islington by July.

The council estimates the move will save the council £630,000, mainly through reduced management costs. It also cited fears that future government policy may seek to give ALMOs greater autonomy, the desire to give greater feeling of security to tenants, and a greater ability to meet wider needs of residents as reasons to take management in house.

The executive report said: ‘Overall, the direct council management option tips the balance, as it offers a greater annual saving that can be invested in new and improved housing, provides long-term financial and organisational stability and protects the security of our stock.’

A consultation survey showed 118 residents supported the move, while 103 preferred to retain Homes for Islington, with 15 undecided. But an e-petition calling for HFI to be scrapped attracted 1,655 signatures.