Bad news for Chief Executives of Housing Associations. Many of them have seen their salaries frozen. Inside Housing reports that:

A chill wind has blown through the salaries of the UK housing sector’s head honchos. Inside Housing’s exclusive annual survey of chief executive salaries reveals that more than half the bosses of the largest 100 housing associations saw their total pay frozen solid, or shift by just 1 per cent.

The total remuneration of 44 chief executives – including basic salary, bonus and car allowance but not including employer pension contributions – was completely icebound, not budging at all between 2009/10 and 2010/11. A further 12 have experienced pay increases or decreases of a single percentage point. In total, 15 housing association heads have seen their remuneration fall.”

It must be tough for them. But before you cry in your beer read on.

This year’s chief executive salary survey by Inside Housing shows that 58 association bosses earned more than prime minister David Cameron’s £142,500 salary in 2010/11.

Inside Housing says that the average total chief executive salary has risen slightly by 1.8 per cent from £153,353 in 2009/10 to £156,141 in 2010/11.

I think most of them could just about get by with a pay freeze on money like this.

For the second year running, Jane Ashcroft, chief executive of 34,982-home Anchor, is the highest earner. She received total payments of £331,250 – up 14 per cent on last year – made up of a basic salary of £275,000, a £15,000 car allowance and a £41,250 bonus.

Ms Ashcroft is the only chief executive to have broken the £300,000 mark, but David Cowans, chief executive of 62,034-home Places for People on £287,193; David Bennett, chief executive of 79,011-home Sanctuary Group, on £283,376; and Keith Exford, chief executive of 56,658-home Affinity Sutton, who earned £269,000 including a £33,000 bonus, are not far off.”

No wonder some of the senior officers in Swindon Council are so keen to flog off our houses to a Housing Association which some of them would TUPE over to. Be assured of one thing. When ‘transfers’ take place the wages of senior officers only go one way – upwards.