A national protest at Parliament will challenge Government attacks on tenants and demand action to build the homes we need.

The Housing Emergency protest on 15 November will oppose attacks on tenancies, rents and benefits, and demand new Council housing – see leaflet. The national protest follows lobbies and protests across Britain, rejecting attacks on secure tenancies, up to 80% market rents, and evictions, and demanding a mass council house building programme to provide desperately-needed secure and genuinely-affordable rented housing.

MPs next month vote for the last time on the Localism Bill, introducing fixed term tenancies, giving Councils powers to end homeless access to council housing and remove thousands from housing waiting lists. Join the National Protest

Contact tenants, trade unions, councillors and housing campaigners to make a joint delegation to Parliament 4pm 15th Nov – bring banners and placards.

Arrange to see your MPs and demand they oppose attacks in the Localism Bill. See Localism Bill Briefing here

Come to the meeting 5pm Committee Room 15 House of Commons, with MPs, councillors, trade unions, tenants and others.

Further information from www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk