This is a letter to the Swindon Advertiser

Isn’t it time you offered the Tenants campaign against Transfer a right of reply against the propaganda being put out to bolster the Councils efforts to sell our homes to a private company?

Rod Bluh has had several columns in the past where he has put forward the council case for transfer. On 5th October there was an article which appeared to be nothing but a council press release about the discovery of an extra £70million for repairs. Today 6 October we see that Russell Holland Lead member for Housing is guesting in Bluhs column telling us that we have the right to make a choice.

Yes we do, but it would be a more informed choice if tenants heard both sides of the argument, rather than just the one sided spiel that we have seen so far. Tenants have already received two copies of the pro transfer rag Housing Matters, and had council staff doorknocking like insurance salesmen.

They will soon see the offer document and DVD issued by the shadow board. Given the money they are spending to sleepwalk us into voting yes they hardly need any more free publicity in the pages of your paper.

Eileen George