Doorstep conversation – somewhere in Swindon.

Council employee knocks on door.

Hello there, I’m just calling about the Housing Vote. Could I come in and talk to you?”


Don’t you think I should come in and explain what is happening?”

I don’t have to let you come in.”

Would you tell me which way you are liable to vote?”

That’s none of your business.”

Council employee leaves with a flea in her ear.

You can understand the attitude of the tenant. The Council wouldn’t be asking them which way they were going to vote in an election. So why now? It’s simple really, they want to identify the people who are not secure in their opinion, and win them over to the idea of ‘transfer’. This is part of the Council’s campaign for a Yes vote.

Many staff have been misleading tenants – some of them because they have been mislead themselves, some because they support selling off our houses. All manner of incorrect information has been given out, e.g. “we won’t have enough money for repairs”, “the Council is turning into a Housing Association”, “the Council has been told it has to do it” etc.The idea that the Council is simply providing impartial information is utter nonsense. The cynicism and dishonesty of the ruling group and senior officers takes your breath away.

When the Offer Document is sent out to tenants, there will be a feedback form which asks whether you support staying with the Council, going over to a Housing Association, or not sure. If you opposed to selling our homes you should send back your form to let them know that you want to remain a Council tenant.

Why? Because the Council will have to assess the feedback before it decides whether to proceed with the ballot. If a majority of people indicate opposition to transfer they would have to think twice about proceeding to the ballot because if they lose it, and tenants vote against transfer, then the Council tax payers will have to pick up the bill.

Those tenants who are rightly angry at the contemptuous way that the Council is treating us, should grit their teeth, and make sure they send in their feedback to the Council.