You may have read in today’s Adver a comment from Bernie Brannan head of housing, that DWA, the Independent Tenant Advisor had asked “the anti-campaign” as he called Swindon Tenants Campaign Group to withdraw a leaflet because it was “misleading”.

This is not true. Indeed when I spoke to Deborah Walthorne of DWA she was as bemused as I was. She confirmed that they had said no such thing. I have asked Bernie Brannan to public retract his false statement.

Tenants opposed to transfer should take heart from the fact that the Council sinks to such methods in its campaign for a Yes vote. They must be worried about the outcome of the ballot.

It’s also worth noting that Mr Brannan said that “we are not selling their houses because all we are doing is transferring ownership of it”. Absolute nonsense. The Housing Association will have to borrow £66 million to give to the Council for the transfer of ownership. They are selling the houses to a new HA. What would you call it if the new HA gives the Council £66 million for handing them over?