From the Evening Advertiser Letters Page

CAN I please ask all Parks and Walcot tenants to attend a meeting on February 19 at 6.30pm in Goddard Park Primary School. I knew nothing of this meeting until a neighbour informed me. It is a meeting about the council handing its stock (our homes) over to a housing association. This means (no matter what the council says) that our rent could go up as much as £99 per week. I know this as my friend lives in Park North, literally a stones throw from my house, she has a three-bedroom terrace and so do I, she pays £99 a week, I pay £74. I have a leaflet that says the decision is ours and we can vote on this matter, so please attend the meeting and vote No. The meeting will be attended by DWA (the council’s independent advisors) and Mike Ash (SBC deputy director of housing). I for one will be voting against, so please join me, for if we all vote no then they can’t do it – can they?

CLARE BELL Park North Swindon